Thursday, July 24, 2008

Where's Grace?

For some reason, Moma is fixated on her sister Grace (and her kids). She asked me today, "Do you know how to call Grace?" I said, "No, because Aunt Grace is dead". She looked at me so puzzled and said,"What??" (Kelli loves it when I do this in person!) Then she told me to call Marie. That would be Aunt Grace's dead daughter. She is convinced that they have her money. You know for awhile, Dorothey and her girls had her money. lol Just know this. NONE of these people have or have ever had her money. She is so confused. It's sad.
BUT! sad as it is....I have no sympathy today. She has been a pistol ball today. Argue with a stop sign and spit in its face for not agreeing. Messy and busy....complaining and rambling....just a real pain in my neck today!
Remember when your children were 4? When company came over, they began to show out. Messing in things that they were not allowed in, standing between you and company, and interrupting to the 25th power??? Well, now you have an idea of my day with Moma. My sister came over tonight to fix her pill tray, and she got up on stage and really began to show out. I had to banish her to her room. It was 8:30 and she still had on her suit that she had refused to change out of when we came in from the beauty shop at 11:30. It made her furious. She went, but mouthing and mocking me all the way to her room. Tomorrow I may ground her.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do you like surprises?

We had a surprise visitor last night. Miley dropped in for a bit until I medicated her right out of my house. I should have known it was time for her to visit, because for a couple of days, Moma has been crazy. She has asked who I am and where my mother is. She asked other crazy questions and for 2 nights got up and walked the floor. Well....that ain't NOTHING.
Last night, I decided to let Kerry go to bed and I would sit up and finish this boring book I am reading for class. Rebekah had gone to spend the night away and Christopher was already in bed. It was nice and quiet. I heard Kerry holler at me. I got up and he said, "She is beating the heck out of something down there." I walked into her room and saw her sitting up on the side of the bed, with her cane over her head whacking the daylights out of her bedside potty. She had a nice rhythm going too. I said, "HEY! What are you doing?" She never stopped whacking, "I don't know". I said, "WELL STOP IT!!!" She said, while she continued to whack, "I can't". I took the cane, and headed to the locked medication box. One little tablet......she slept until 10:30 this mornng. Whew. Miley is a pain....but she left quietly.

We have a name for Moma when she is teetering on the edge of a Miley invitation. We refer to her as "Millage". Now I know when Millage shows up....Miley ain't far behind.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I would love to report that we have had a great weekend, but...sigh.....

Yesterday, she patted my shoulder and said, "Hon, what was your name before you married?" I said, "Lumpkin". She said, "My boys were Lumpkins". I said, "Yes, I know Moma, I am your oldest boy's baby girl". She said, "I never knew he had any children."

Her latest kick is "giving advise". Today she said, "When you go to bed at night, you need to close these doors, so them dogs don't run all over your house all night". I just said, "okay". My dogs sleep in their crates.

She told me at supper, "You need to always cut a tomato with supper if you have one. Those in that window need to be cut".

I wish I knew where she thinks she is. My den is "out there", her room is "up there" and my patio is "out in the yard".

Special note to Rebekah.....Today you closed Fiddler on the Roof. Do you know how proud I am of you? You take my breath away on that stage! I love you baby girl!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rather Fight than Switch

Short and sweet.....
For 2 days, she's been looking for a fight. She's about to find one.
Talk about ill and hateful!!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Up please...

Our elevator isn't going all the way to the top today.............
Her: What'cha doing?
Me: working
Her: Oh? what'cha drinking?
Her: water?

Oh me...

Monday, July 14, 2008

A fresh new week and a bath....

Today as soon as Moma finished eating breakfast, I went to the bathroom and started getting ready for her bath. She was furious. She swore she wasn't getting one. I tried to bathe her last night but I wasn't strong enough to fight. She won. So, I told her that there would be no arguing today. She just had no earthly idea I'd make her bathe early in the morning. She was not pleasant about it at all, and even after she got in she complained about everything. "This water is a little too hot." "Ain't you got no decent soap?" "Wash my back" "How can I wash my butt in this stupid chair?" "YOU need to cut my toenails". It was a never ending line of gripes and complaints. Of course, how I dried her was wrong. The lotion I used was cold, and I was rubbing her too hard. When I cut her toenails she hollared everytime I touched her. She hated the clippers and wanted me to use scissors (which I have none for toenails). So she gets a pair out of her drawer and starts sawing on her toenails, so I just got up and walked out on her. She saw she couldn't cut them (and she had them jagged), she started hollering for me to come back in there. I said, "Are you going to let me do this or are you going to do this?" She said, "I can't". I reminded her of the converation Kerry had with her last week that she cannot do things by herself anymore and she needs help. But that was in one ear and out the other. Today, she has not been happy about anything. But as Scarlett says, "Tomorrow is another day".

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I hope I don't "vomick"

Last Wednesday while Moma and Sherry were out on the town, Moma just puked right in Sherry's car. Well, that brought about an award winning performance, because she is the Queen. She carried on the rest of the day. Sherry brought her home, changed her clothes and put her to bed. She slept most of the afternoon, but got up hungry. We fed her supper, and she puked again. I thought she must have a virus, but decided not, because she only threw up 2 times. The next day she was weak as water (as my momma used to say). I made her eat bland stuff, and no throwing up. So as far as I am concerned, she is over it (whatever it is). She did fine Friday, Saturday and all day today......but tonight at supper! Kerry and I cooked fresh veggies from his dad's garden. We had fried okra, white corn on the cob, purple hull peas, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and biscuits. She nearly drove us crazy until it was ready. She told me I was cutting the okra wrong, I turned it over to her. Then she told Kerry that he was shelling peas to slow. She started helping him. Finally when it was ready, (she was already at the table, in her place, drinking her tea) she ate, and ate, and ate, and ate, and ate, and ate, and ate some more. I thought she would explode. Then she had the nerve to say, "I hope I don't get sick. I don't know what is wrong with me. After I eat, I feel like I might vomick." I said, " YOU ARE STUFFED!!!" I sent her tail to bed. After she was so greedy....I dare her to vomick.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brady James

Last night, Brady came to spend the night. His momma and daddy were going to Six Flags today on a "grown up" trip. They brought him in with his supper, chicken nuggets from Wendy's (2 packs). Immediately, Moma was drawn to the chicken! She said, "Woooooooooo--ooooo, who's chicken?" We told her it was Brady's. She said, "Why he can't eat all that chicken!" Then she stood over him while he ate. Now Brady isn't very big, but he eats like a man. He was not parting with any chicken! She was going to wait him out. She pulled up a chair right next to him, and kept saying, "You gone eat all that? You gone get fat." I mean she was dancing around asking for it, but I told them not to offer her any because she had just eaten, and she is getting extremely greedy about food. It was so funny though to watch her in action. She finally gave up and went to bed.
But! Precious came to the breakfast table this morning at a bright and early 10:30 in her green suit. I said, "Well...where are you going?" She reported that today is her beauty shop day and Sherry would be here in a minute to get her. I replied, "Tomorrow". She said, "Awww...shit".
She has been a pistol ball all day. She was so afraid that Brady was going to eat something she didn't get. She's had 2 bowls of ice cream, cookies, chocolate milk, and tonight ate supper until I thought she would pop. I fixed Dana's famous chicken casserole and mixed veggies. Then we had cucumbers (in vinegar...ewww, but a family favorite) and cantaloupe. She is so greedy; she ate and ate!
I am listening to her on the baby monitor now telling someone to "stop it" and "......get along with one another". She hasn't felt good today, and slept more than usual. I know that when I least suspect it, she will slip away from me. And even though there are times I want to kill her, I am savoring these moments because she gave up so much of her time to raise me. And when she draws her final breath, I truly want to be thankful for the life she's led and the times I have had with her.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Round 3

I feel like I have been in a boxing match today. As you can see from my afternoon post, she has not closed her eyes all day. She has not sat down all day. She has messed in everything, eaten a bite or two of everything in this house, talked complete craziness ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!! I am worn out. I gave her night night meds at 8:30! That is Tylenol PM. She gets it every night but usually at 10:00. It helps keep her from roaming at night. She usually sleeps through the night (unless there is an unexpected visit from Miley....and every visit from Miley is unexpected).
I have tried to get school work done around this madness. She has been searching for the Buchanan girls today. Now if you have had a Buchanan sighting, please let me know. She is wanting to use the phone to call one of them. And if she accidently calls you by mistake, just tell her your name is Buchanan.

Short Sunday update

WE HAVE NOT CLOSED OUR EYES ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday! Bath time....

Today Moma got her bath. Sound like no big deal? RE-THINK that! First of all, she had not had one since before I left for San Antonio. So, she was nearly 2 weeks past due. She took her own bath at 2 am one Sunday. Did I blog that? Don't call DHR. I was asleep. I never knew, until she admitted it. All the signs were there under my nose, in the bathroom, but I missed them. She remembered it because it scared her silly. She couldn't get out of the tub by herself. That was a God thing. He lifted her out. She promises never to do that again! I digress......
First, I have to declare bath time, and NOT back down. Then I get out a clean gown and new diaper. She is begging all the time to put it off. I take them into the bathroom, and start running water. She is still in denial that she is taking a bath, but demands bubble bath while she protests. Water run, towels in place, bath chair in the tub.....I begin undressing her. The whole time she is stepping into the tub, she is swearing that she does not need a bath, she just had one! But when her feet hit that water, and she begins soaping up those tired legs and feet. She almost melts. I soap up the rag and scrub her back. She is blissful. We soap her back at least 4 times every bath, because she loves it so much. I let her "play" in the water, while I go change her bed (I was only in the next room, Judge!). It is so like a child. I have to beg her to get out. Then we dry and dry. Then we slather lotion from head to toe. She powders her south end, and creams her face. The grossest part to me is....she used Arrid cream deodorant! I make her do that. It feels nasty. We dress her, and she sits while I lather her feet in lotion, then she puts on her house shoes. HER NEW HOUSE SHOES! You'd think she never had a new pair before. She freaks like Linus when I wash them. If the washer weren't in the basement, she would stand in front of it. This little woman has always loved two things.....a LONG bath, and a new pair of shoes! Wonder who I got that from??????

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good to be home.....

San Antonio was WONDERFUL! If you have never been, go....if you have, go again! What fun! The riverwalk is marvelous! And I had ice cream every night! Now for those of you who know me well.....if I never eat Mexican food again, if I never hear pan flutes again, if I never hear Latino music again....it will be okay. Let's just say that I was blessed with those cultural experiences this past week. I will probably change my mind about the Latino music, but pan flutes??? And guess what Mexican food does to me?????

Moma greeted me with open arms when I came in. As I pulled away from her hug, she said, "Were you the one that was going to get us something to eat?" God love her! Then every time she has seen me tonight, she says, "Comeer, and let me hug you!" and then she proceeds to tell me how much she missed me. And then asks if I am going off again. Bless her heart.

Short post, but I am tired and weary. Pray for my friends Sandra and Troy. Their son is in serious trouble. I taught him in Kindergarten. He was precious. Kids can be raised right, and still go wrong. I am claiming the verse in Proverbs that tells us to raise them up in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it. Andrew will return to that person he was raised to be IN JESUS NAME! I am praying for your family Sandra! I love you, God Bless!