Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeble is as feeble does

This afternoon when I came in, Moma was napping in a ball on the couch. She soon woke up and told me that she was going to bed (after she rambled through the mail, my book bag and everything on the counter). She went to her room, closed her door, and went to sleep, I think. In about 20 minutes, she came into the den like she was in a big hurry. "Hey Julie......JULIE!!!" She started down the steps and came at me at record speed. She grabbed my arm and said, "Hey, I wanted to tell you that I am up there in my room. Okay?" I nodded. " I just wanted you to know where I am". Again, she goes back to bed. In no less than 10 minutes, I heard her coming again. "Hon, something's wrong with me. I'm afraid to stay by myself. Can I sit down here with you?" I nodded. In about 10 more minutes, she popped up and said, "Igottagotobed". She stumbled, I helped her. As soon as we got into her room, she said, "I guess we won't have any supper tonight". I asked why she thought that. "Well, " and motioned around the room as if to say, you are putting me to bed. Duh.......the feebleness is getting worse.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Full Weekend and the Maiden Voyage

The first best friend I ever had in the world came "home" (although she refers to NC as her home, I refuse to accept it) Friday. I took the day off to spend it with her. We had big thrift store plans, but our "other family" needed us. Jerry Waits had a blood clot in his brain and has been in ICU, so Lisa and I started our day there. After a while, we left and did a bit of running around. After blowing money in the Maxx and tossing some cash at J & J Candles, we went home to rest before Bek's play. As soon as we walked in the door, Moma said (in a harsh tone) "Who is that?" pointing at Lisa. Lisa handled her well. I was worried that Moma might intimidate her.
Rebekah's play was AWESOME!!! And thank you Christo for staying with the little old lady so we could go.
Saturday morning we got up bright and early (okay 9ish) and started getting ready for PANCAKE DAY! I let Moma dress herself, so she wore a black skirt and a pink and brown blouse. :) I got out the wheel chair and told Lisa that she would pitch a fit. Lisa said, "She can ride or push me in it". (LOVE IT) She gave no argument when she saw that great big hill at Convention Hall. I think she secretly LOVED it. We parked her at a table and got our plates. About half way through the meal, she offered Lisa and me her other half of her pancakes. We declined. She kept looking at the man next to her, 2 chairs down, and I motioned to her to NOT do what I knew she wanted to do. I turned to speak to Lisa, and she handed the man her pancakes.....A RANK STRANGER! But even more unbelievable is HE ATE THEM!!!!!!! Old people make me crazy. Let's not waste anything......ugh. We took her to the hospital to visit with Kelly and the family for a bit. She acted awful, but she rolled in, in her new carriage, and sat there and grunted while we visited. So, the maiden voyage went well.
Today, she has been a monster. I am not liking her, at all.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ratted out

Yesterday when I got home from school, the sitter was running out the door as I got out of the truck. "Whew! She's been mean today!" she reported. (Great) When I got into the house, I began my usual disrobing and finding my  beloved gym shorts and tee shirt, reading the mail, putting up school bag, etc. I heard "HEY" "HEY HEY" over and over, so I walked down to her room. "HEYYYY!!!" I asked what all the hollering was about. She questioned, "Where is everbody?" "Who?" was my response. "Are we the only ones here?" I nodded. "ME AND YOU???" she asked in disbelief. "Well, where is mommanthem?" I calmly said, "Moma, you know your Momma is dead". "Well, where is yore husband?" "At work" . And then she said, "Well where is mine?" I nearly laughed out loud. "Moma, Papaw has been dead for years". She practically jumped up and said, "I got to find him" I asked if she even remembered his name. "I can't call his first name, but his last name is Hall" (nice). She started speeding through the house, looking around as if she'd been kidnapped and set free. After a while, she went back to her bed. I heard her hollering again, so I walked down there to make sure she was okay. She was hollering, "HOLD ME" over and over. Then she said, "Julie, you done me wrong and you know you did. Now HOLD ME". (Her eyes were closed, so don't guilt me out). And then she ratted me out to Jesus. "Jesus, Julie was supposed to hold me. If she lets me go......I'll just be gone." I can't decide if that is her usual nonsense of if that is something deep and philosophical.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Moma has tried to eat some of everything in the house. We had steak, sweet potatoes, and steamed veggies for supper. We had lemon pie and caramel cake for dessert. I am stuffed, and I can usually eat a ton after supper, but not tonight. She just came in and asked if we had any ice cream. She is so greedy.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Breakfast with Moma

Thursday, we were on a 3 hour delay due to the snow, so I did not have to be at school until 10:25. Needless to say, Moma was up bright and early! She was ready to eat and raring to go. Refer back to earlier posts if you don't remember what I am like upon waking. (not nice) She began yakking right off. I grunted in her direction. She asked what the day was and then politely shared with me that I needed to change the board. In my mind, I was saying, "Shut-the-heck-up!" but again, I grunted. Since the sitter was coming in, I made coffee in the coffeemaker. I went ahead and gave her the oatmeal and a glass of water since the coffee wasn't ready. "Ain't you gone make no coffee?????" she screeched in that panicked voice. Once again, I grunt at her and then point to the coffee maker. After her coffee is poured and I have seated myself at the table to eat my strawberry granola bar, I focused on The Today Show. Suddenly, I realized that they were trying to convince me that my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper was killing me. Yikes! I leaned in and tried to grasp every word. Moma yawned.....loud. "You know......" she began, "I don't feel worth a shit today". (Nice) She continued to mutter and moan, yawn and sneeze....and then the precious coughing and hacking up a lung began. She spit and sputtered all the while I am trying to listen to this devastating news. This is her usual behavior. As soon as she realizes that she is no longer the center of attention, her award winning performance begins. I'm just thankful for a job, even though it was delayed by 3 hours.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some of the reasons why I need a weekly massage.......

  • She is NEVER satisfied with what we get her to eat from fast food. It is never what she wanted or looks as good as mine. It is always too hot, too tough, too dry, too much, etc.
  • We all work for her. Her requests must be met as soon as she makes them, or she will attempt to do it herself. Believe me, you do NOT want her doing much for herself, especially in the kitchen.
  • She rambles through everything. She may or may not take it, according to whether it strikes her fancy.
  • Any time she sees me cleaning up, picking up, or doing laundry, she begins to "help" by moving things, kicking the laundry basket into a hidden destination, rearranging everything everywhere, etc.
  • Questions Questions Questions.....the same ones....over and over!
  • My having to repeat EVERYTHING at least once
  • Her sorting through the trash.
  • Her feeding my dogs, arguing about it, and then doing it behind my back
I covet your prayers. There is laughter but there is more stress and inconvenience than the laughs. Life is not always fun, hardly ever pristine, and many times just depressing. I could NEVER have done this without being equipped by my Heavenly Father (He always equips the called), and without my precious husband and children. They are my support system, but they get tired too. I know that together we will see this thing through. Just praying that we are still healthy enough to enjoy life when it is done.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Break is Over!

I've had writer's block. Thanks Jane for pointing it out. Actually, my time wasted on Facebook is ruining my desire to write and texting on my cell phone is killing the skill (I don't know how to make capital letters on my phone, or punctuation). I do refuse to text is shortcut mode. I never use 2 for to or too. I also don't speak in acronymns (IDKY). So, I'm back. And I have a doozy to tell.
Yesterday was one of the most stressful days of my life. Nothing major, just LOTS of little things piled up and all due at the same time, plus Rebekah was leaving for Daytona and I had to get cash to her (and get to the credit union before they closed). Had a faculty meeting but the sitter had a doctor's appointment....usually Christopher can keep Moma but he had to be at work at 4:15, so I was racing the clock and juggling all the crap on my "To Do" list. I had to leave faculty meeting early, so he could go to work because he was freaking out that he was going to be late. So when I arrived at the house, I explained to Moma that we were going to go meet Rebekah. I changed clothes and tried to get her out the door. She has to piddle a bit, so it was a struggle. As I was helping her to the car, I noticed something in her pocket, but thought it was her little change purse (never questioned it). The minute we got going, she noticed the Hawaiian lei around my rear view mirror from my friend Kelli's, birthday party. She began to go on about how "purty" it was and how she wished she had one. I handed it to her. She immediately put it around her neck (and I snapped her picture with my phone). It was all I could do to drive with her adorned next to me. On down the road, she recommended that we stop for something to eat. I told her we would on the way home. She said, "Well, I ain't got my purse". I assured her that I would pay for it. Then I said, "Your change purse is in your pocket". She said, "No, I don't" I said, "Well Moma, what is that in your pocket?" She said, "Oh, that is that little television". WHAT??????? I said, "Let me see" She said, "I ain't gone do it" So I tried another angle. "Moma where did you get a TV that small?" She reached into her pocket and pulled out her ALARM CLOCK!!!!!!! I nearly wrecked the truck. I was laughing hysterically. She said, "Quit laughing at me" I said, "Moma, you have to admit, THAT is pretty funny!" She smiled and said, " I guess so".
People I cannot make this stuff up. My imagination is not that wild. Life with this little woman is never dull, many times exhausting and irritating, but NEVER dull.