Monday, November 28, 2011

My Trip

My trip to NYC is over, and Mildred never knew I was gone. She had no clue, I was not here. She is getting more and more "out there". I gave her a little trinket from NYC and she loved it! She said, "When did you go to New York?" Nice.
This afternoon, Connie met me at the door when I came home. I walked out on the porch as she was leaving talking to her. When I came in, Moma said, "What did she want?" I ignored her. She came into the kitchen with me and said, "Hon, what did that womern want?" I said, "Moma she didn't want anything. I was just talking to her". She said, "Well, who was she?" I said, "MOMA! That was Connie!" She said, "Connie who?" I said, "Connie is the lady who stays with you." She said, "Honey, that womern don't stay with me. I don't have nobody who stays with me". Great!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Never hit a lick at a snake

I have heard this phrase all my life to describe lazy people. But I realize now, that it is not just fitting for lazy people but for royalty too. Moma has bossed me all day. She wants it done yesterday. She wants it done her way. She wants ME to do it, whatever it is. At the breakfast/lunch/supper table, when she finishes with her meal, she will shove her empty plate/bowl at me. She pushes the empty pill cup toward me. She will even wad up her napkins and flick them toward me. She really wants me to clear all that right then. I want to shove it all back at her and scream "I DO NOT WORK FOR YOU!" It would be different (well, it might be) if she had worked hard all her life to make a way for her family. But no, she never hit a lick at a snake. She may have worked a few years at the cotton mill, but that was only until she snagged a husband. Her mother raised her children. Papaw even vacuumed because she couldn't push that heavy "vackum" cleaner for various reasons (hernia, hemorrhoids, etc.). She cooked, but only when she wanted to, what she wanted to REGARDLESS that my Papaw was a heart patient. She is the product of being the youngest child in a large family; spoiled by her father, her brother and her mother. Then her poor husband had to pick up the satin pillow and tote her. When he died, my father picked it up. When he was killed, my mother carried on the tradition of toting Mildred. Now she is mine. THANKS Y'ALL!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Not a good day...............

Today Moma has been MEAN!!! Just plain mean. And apparently, I am a "damn liar" and the food I fix "ain't worth a shit". Want to wager a bet what my feelings are for her right now?

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hurry up and wait

Today has been a day of hurry up and wait. Moma woke me up around 8 like she was starving to death. I rushed to get her breakfast, then had to wait on her to finish. She eats so slow. She has to ramble through the paper while she eats, ask a blue million questions, and go through the daily (hourly) coughing spell of hacking up a lung. She gags, hacks and spits. It is seriously enough to make you sick. I have to busy myself with other things so as not to dwell on it. She finished eating and instead of doing her usual thing of going back to bed, she sat. And sat, and sat, and sat......asking the same questions over and over. Inside my head, I was screaming "I have stuff to do!!! HURRY THE HECK UP!!!" She finally got up and went to bed. I busied myself with changing the sheets, washing clothes, and other such necessary nonsense. While folding clothes at the dryer, I heard her get up. I curse, then dash up the stairs because she is not one you can leave alone. "Hey! Ya got anything to eat?" she asked. I tried to tell her that she had just eaten breakfast. She was buying any of that. So, we revisited breakfast. Same oatmeal, same coffee. And again, she sat. She asked the same questions over and over. I played with my iPhone to keep from killing her. She simply was not going to spend much time napping today. And so it was all day long. I am exhausted, and haven't gotten very much done.
New dilemma: Moma's pull-up type diapers are now too big. So, now when she wets one, she gets soaked because the legs are too big and they stand open. We may have to go to plain diapers. She will not be able to do that herself, so that will be another thing that we will have to tend to for her (with gloves, as she has MRSA in her urine). I am not happy about that. About to do some research to see if they make extra small diapers for adults. I tried the Good-nights for older children but her hip bones are too broad, they won't pull up. I welcome any and all suggestions. I do NOT want to start diapering her.