Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let 'er shine!

The princess woke up in RARE form today! When she got up for breakfast (the first time), she did not speak one word to me. Now that is always okay with me as I do not speak after just waking up. When she finished eating, she never spoke a word, just got up and went back to bed.
I had promised Connie she could work today, so I took a "Sand Mountain" day. Kelli and I planned a trip north (to Marshall County). So when Connie got there and we were waiting on Kelli, Moma wandered in. She was asking what day it was and where was I going every 5 minutes. Then she got started talking about going back to bed. Connie said, "Aww, the sun is shining! Don't go back to bed!" Moma said, "LET 'ER SHINE! That ain't got nothing to do with me going back to bed. I can sleep with the sun shining, I can sleep when it rains. I CAN SLEEP ANY DAMN TIME I GET READY TO!" How precious.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I came in from work today to Little Miss Bossy.....
She was sitting in the den when I got home. After the sitter left, she started calling me."Julie.......Julie!.........JULIE!!!!!!" Now, I was in the next room answering her but she is so deaf she couldn't hear me. I rounded the corner with "WHAT MOMA??" She turned and looked at me and barked, "Why don't you get in here and light us a fire? It's cold in here."
From that moment until she went to bed, she bossed and made helpful little suggestions. Then she brought me her garbage from her room. I took the bag (no, I did not snatch it!) and went out the back door with it. Did she thank me? Uh, no....she hollered "SMART ASS!"
I need a beach trip soon.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A funny

Tonight Kerry gave Moma a cookie after supper. He noticed her spitting out the chocolate chips into a napkin. When she finished the cookie, she folded up the napkin and he began the struggle with her to throw it away. She screamed, "NO! I'm gonna eat my grapes!" lol

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pancake Day and a Trip to Wal-Mart

Saturday morning I dressed up the princess and took her to pancake day. Of course this was for lunch, because the princess slept until 10:30. It was truly precious to see her pull out her housecoat that Sherry bought her for Christmas to wear as her "heavy coat". She refuses to believe it is a housecoat. She said housecoats were not brown. So I let her wear this brown robe over her black suit to Pancake Day because she wanted to. Personally, I would have let her wear her pink fuzzy house shoes too if she wanted to. I was just in that kind of mood. Anyway, OF COURSE, the princess could NOT stand in line, I had to get both plates and then go back for our drinks. This little woman ate like a lumberjack!!! She had 3 pancakes, 2 sausage patties, and 2 cartons of chocolate milk (what else?). She intended to score some of the Splenda and sugar packs on the table, but I moved them way out of her reach.
On to Wal-Mart! She refused to sit in the car and let me go get the wheelchair/cart. She wanted to walk in. She is so vain! Then I had to fight her to make her ride in the chair. She would just "sit on the bench" and wait on me. I said, "No Moma! Someone might grannysteal you and then where would I be?" Once I got her in the chair, she was in hog heaven! She loves it after you wrestle her into it.
Lord, she is a mess!!! A stinking hot mess!!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Episode

I really don't know what to make of the "spell" she had late yesterday afternoon. I was beginning to get ready for my daughter's play and she was lying down. I happened to remember something I needed to do on the computer, and while I was at my desk I heard this stomping, almost running. Before I could get up good, she was in the refrigerator. I walked into the kitchen with my usual "What are you doing?" She looked up at me with a wild-eyed panic on her face and said "I've got to have something to eat". I closed the refrigerator and pulled her back and she began this tirade of pleading with me to hurry and get her something to eat. It was as if she were nauseated or weak from a virus or something. Everyone has felt that at some point. So I sat her down at the table and got her a saltine and a small glass of tea. She went to work on that cracker like a buzz saw. It was weird. Then she had to have another one ("Hurry!!"). When she finished, I said, "Are you okay?" She looked up at me as if for the first time and said, "Pray for me" Well, silently, I had already begun that. Then she started praying out loud which she does a lot, but then she began screaming in unknown tongues (Yes, screaming). Now, I have heard this all my life, but NEVER screaming, and she hasn't done this but maybe twice since she has lived here in 2 years. She spoke in tongues for ONE HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She wanted me to help her back to bed. Where, like I said, she continued speaking in tongues for an hour. She would stop long enough to ask for water, and beg me not to leave her. I thought, okay......this is it. She is dying. I left for the play when my sister got there fully expecting to come home to her being gone or in the ER, but Sherry said she acted fine. No strange behavior.
Pray that God won't tarry. I know HIS plan is perfect, but I cannot stand seeing her in that panicked mode or lost and confused. She is no longer my Moma, and hasn't been for quite awhile.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

My mother-in-law cooked our lunch for Valentine's Day yesterday. I knew it would be hard to get Moma up to go, so I told her she could just go in her gown and housecoat, but to comb her hair.
On the way down there, Kerry heard her mutter "Lord, forgive me for going out looking like a tramp".
She was always dressed to the nines (whatever that means), in other words dressed up in very good taste. She never so much as had a hair out of place. So, this season of her life must seem very "tramp-like".
Gotta love her.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Menagerie

This has been my life since Thursday night. I would love to tell you that I am 100% better, but I cannot. I am, however, convinced that I will live. It hit me like a ton of bricks! I mean, I went down hard. No time to fight! Caught me totally off guard. May you never experience it!
Moma has been a pistol ball since Monday of last week. The sitter has reported how mean she has been. She has argued about everything you would argue with her over. She told me I was "crazy as I looked" because I argued with her over whether or not there had ever been a box of tissue kept in my kitchen. I realized just how crazy I must be when I began to screech that I have lived in this house for 19+ years and have NEVER kept tissue in my kitchen! (Enter sane thoughts...why are you arguing with her? and Does it really matter?)
I have felt so bad this week that I couldn't document all the awful things she did, but what I am about to tell you is burned in my memory forever. Now I have to set this up. My niece is a phlebotomist (she draws blood for a living), and God only knows why, but Rebekah had her draw up 2 tubes of her blood to keep (borders on sick and twisted). It was in a bio-hazard bag down in a basket in my den. I kept intending to throw it away or make Rebekah do something with it, but had not. Keep in mind, it was NOT in plain sight. You would have to really be digging to find it. So, Thursday night when I was trying to throw some supper together, feeling really bad, I heard Kerry screaming. "LEAVE THAT ALONE! You ain't got no business with that! Don't......JULIE!!!" I'm sure by now you have guessed that little Miss Nosy had dumped an entire vial of blood all over her, the throw on her lap, and yes....my newly upholstered green and pink polka dotted chair. She had blood everywhere! I wanted to put her on the front porch and close and lock the door. The whole time I was cleaning it and her up, she was saying, "What?" like she was innocent. And Kerry was screaming at me and her! "Leave stuff alone that doesn't belong to you! That should have been thrown out a long time ago! It should have never been where she could get it because she is so *&$% nosy she cannot leave things alone!!! GET TO YOUR ROOM AND DON'T COME OUT UNTIL I SAY YOU CAN!" I was kind of hoping he was talking to me.
There's more....so much more, but I don't feel like typing any more. Maybe later, I'll do an edit.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Everything Must Go!

Everyone who knows me well, knows that Thursday night is my FAVORITE TV night. I rush home, get supper started, get everything done, and dash off to take my bath because now I have added a new addiction on the Thursday night lineup. I watch Deep End, Grey's and Private Practice until 10:00 pm, so everything MUST be done.
This past Thursday, I had an added stress of trying to make a movie clip work in one of my kids' projects for the regional tech fair the next day. I managed to get supper cooked, eaten and cleaned up, clothes laid out for the next day, and my bath taken. Just as I sit down to my first TV show, with a laptop in hand, ENTER MOMA.
"Julie.....I been intending to ask you (her typical preface) Do you want any of my blouses?" I looked up at her with a blank stare. Where did this come from and where is it going? Long story short, she had decided, at some point, that she had some clothes that she couldn't wear because they are too big (and she'd show us physically her measurement of how much too big). She mentioned her suits, her blouses, her skirts....and then she moved to her "pocketbooks" and then on to shoes. This rocked on all night. I would no sooner get her back to her room and get back to my shows then I would look up and there she'd be. We discussed her clothes, shoes, pocketbooks, moved on to pictures, and old papers (bills, etc). She truly had a case of diarrhea of the mouth. She would NOT shut-up! Kerry was loving it. On the last trip in the den, she was back on that tirade about how much too big her skirts were, when she looked at me so serious and said, "Who do I live with?" I couldn't convince her that she lived here ALL THE TIME, and that her closet was full of clothes she wanted to get rid of.
She wears me out! lol