Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moma Recycles

Today has been one of her "terrible twos" days. She was in to EVERYTHING, argued about everything, bossed and resisted everything we said. But the stupidest thing of all was the argument we had over stupid grocery bags.
I came in from the grocery store, and put up groceries like I ALWAYS do. I hang one bag over a chair, and put boxes and packages that I empty in that. Now another little thing I do is tie a knot in the bags that have cans or heavy items in them. You have to rip them open to get them unloaded, so obviously I throw them away, in this bag hanging over the chair. Moma said,"Don't throw them bags away!" I told her that they were torn. She argued that she needed them for her room. I told her, even walked to the pantry and SHOWED her where I keep the bags that we save. I assured her there were plenty of bags! I continued putting up groceries, and she went right behind my back and started digging through the bag hanging over the chair to take out the stupid bags! I snatched the bag up, tied a knot in it and carried it out to the big garbage can out back. As I left the room, she mumbled the usual, "Smart Ass". UGH!!!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Working in the Cotton Mill

Yesterday when I got home from school (last day until August!) Moma was taking her afternoon nap, so I was in the kitchen getting a snack and drink. I heard her door open. She proceeded down the hall, and I could hear her talking, but I wasn't sure to whom or what she was actually saying. I turned around about the time she came into the kitchen, and there was that "I'm on another plane" look on her face. She said, "Julie, fix them like they orta be". Puzzled, I looked at her and said, "Fix what?" She said, "Down there where we work". Now, amused, I wanted to hear more. I said, "Moma what are you talking about?" She said, quite disgusted with my ignorance, "OUR JOBS!!! Down there where we do our jobs!! Fix it back like it orta be!" I said, "Show me". She confidently said, "Come on!" Of course when we got to her room, there was nothing out of place. She said, "Well....I don't see it now" God love her heart,she was working in that cotton mill again. It must have been real to her! I am mourning the loss of my grandmother, she is really gone.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Birthday Party

Today I dressed up the little princess and took her to an old family friend's birthday party. She is only back home to sort through her things and empty her house. Her health has dictated that she move in with her daughter in North Carolina. So Happy Birthday Juanita!!! I love you so much. Thanks for being my 2nd mom and for all the precious memories of growing up with you in my life.
The princess balked at the initial idea of going to the birthday party, but when she realized that I was not playing with her, she got up to dress. We got in the truck and halfway there, she asked where we were going. When we got there, I pulled up in the yard to get her in the house, then planned to move the truck. She would not cooperate with me, kept stopping and asking what was I doing, did I have her purse, etc. Finally got her in and the truck moved. I moved her to a table, and then on to fix her plate. She cleaned her plate like she was starving! (Which is good since she has not been eating much) People would come over to speak to her because she was a novelty. She'd look at me right in front of them and say, "Who is that?" Ugh....Then she asked Juanita 6 times (I counted) how old she was. And she would always follow up with her own age (because she does love her some attention!) All in all, she was fairly well behaved until we started out. She was at the door, and I was leading her out when she announced "OOOOOOOOO I'm peeing on myself!" Precious!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Leave that alone please!!!!!!!!!!

It's been awhile since I posted. Moma has been less active than before, but still has her moments. I do see the beginning of the end. She has longer "sessions" in bed, and when she is up, she ends up sitting down and falling asleep somewhere unless she is moving.
Now, yesterday the physical therapist did not come until after I got home. We let her in and sent her to Moma's room. Of course, we listened to the baby monitor. She told that lady how good she felt and how everything was just poseys and daisies. She did her "exercises" with NO complaining and when it was time to "do a little walking", she practically ran through the house. The lady could not keep up with her. She would dart through small spaces the lady could not follow her through. It was so funny. But just like always, it is all about getting a good report card. She goes to the doctor and swears she feels great! The truly hilarious part is that she had JUST gone back to bed when the therapist got here, telling Rebekah and me that she felt so bad she couldn't hold her head up. What an actress! It was an Academy Award winning performance.
This morning, I was cutting out coupons (ugh) and had several little piles. There were the ones I planned to keep and take to the grocery store, fast food ones, ones for stores at the mall, then trash. She is so nosy and busy. She had them all mixed up in record time. She had to read them all OUT LOUD. I separated them again, and she was about to start all over (because she "resets") when I growled "Leave that alone please!!" She replied, "Thanky".

Monday, May 18, 2009

Pasta Salad and Cheese Toast

Tonight Kerry had his Lion's Club meeting (and they eat supper there), so I thought I'd fix Moma and me some pasta salad and cheese toast with colby/jack cheese (which is the BOMB!)I fixed her plate, and called her to eat. She sat down and said, "What is this?" I told her and her response was "I ain't never eaten anything like this before". I didn't comment, but just continued eating and watching Friends. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was not really happy with her food. She finally pushed it aside and mumbled, "That was the worst shit I've ever eaten", to herself. How precious!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whacked in the Back

Last night, Kerry was at Smoke on the Falls and the kids were gone, so I invited my friend up for supper and a movie. She had never seen Mama Mia, and I wanted an excuse to watch it again (bringing the total times watched to 900). ANYWAY....I had no money and did have leftovers in the fridge, so I warmed up the sausage macaroni casserole for us, but warmed Moma's leftovers from Ryan's for her. I wanted to go ahead and get her fed so we could watch the movie in peace. I started fixing her plate, and she said, (real hateful) "What are you doing with my food?" I said, "I'm fixing your supper plate". She started complaining that I was putting too much on it and on and on.....so I just walked away and said, "Fix it yourself!" I think she was so shocked that she just stood there for a minute, and in her high pitched defense started telling me it was okay. I still refused. I made her do it herself.
Our food was ready so I started putting out our plates and my friend had arrived by then. She got up without me noticing her and went out on the deck, but I immediately missed her plate. I jumped up and went out the door to take it. She saw me and started turning around to hide it. "What do you want??" she asked. I just reached across her and took the plate. When I turned to go in the house, she hit me square in the middle of my back. It flew all over me. I grabbed by her skinny little arm and pulled her toward the door. With gritted teeth, I said, "You get your butt in this house before I knock you out!" Ayyyyyyaaaackkkk!!! She makes me CRAZY! I looked in the door, and my friend was on her back laughing her head off! I'm glad the comedy that is my life amuses you people. It's the least I can do.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Update: MAJOR temper tantrum at 5:30 this morning! Kicking, screaming and flailing arms in the air. Precious!!!
"I want something to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm HUNGRYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! GET ME SOMETHING TO EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Physical Therapy

For some unknown reason, Dr. Robinson has a physical therapist coming out to our house to TORTURE Moma. She hates the exercises he does with her, and now he wants her to walk down the basement steps. I understand all the therapy, don't get me wrong, but!! Do I want her getting familiar with our basement stairs?? Heck no! She'll be running up and down the stairs with all the things I take down there to hide from her!! That ain't happening!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Two posts in one day....don't get used to it.
At lunch today (round 2 of lunch), I got out Moma's left over sandwich half from the previous post and fixed her a fresh glass of tea. I walked away for a few minutes and came back in to find her tearing it into little pieces feeding my dogs. I scolded her and put the dog out on the deck. She said, "Well you put him right out there where I am going". I said, "No, you are not going out there." She said, "Well..yes I am, I'm gonna feed this to your cats." She had her smarty britches on and I was in no mood for it. I said,"No, you are not, and you won't feed it to my dogs either". I reached for her plate and she jerked it away. I said, "Go ahead and wear yourself out fighting me, I am going to win." She stuck out her tongue at me. I snatched the plate and put it in the garbage can. When I turned from her to walk to the garbage can she popped my arm hard. Without thinking, I turned around and popped her back. She drew back her fist, (yes, I am serious) and said, "I'll knock the shit out of you". Nice. By this time, I was shaking, I was so outdone with her (which is what she wants). I said, "I wish you would! You'll find yourself in a nursing home before morning! So take your best shot!" Okay, I stooped to her level (which is 5), but I intended to win that one.

What day is this?

Today,we are resetting every time we get up. "What day is this?" is asked at least 5 times per session. By session, I mean, she gets up for a bit, goes back to bed, gets up, back to bed, and so on. I am now referring to those as "sessions".
Something is going on with her taste. She wanted breakfast but when I fixed it, she complained that it was sour. Okay, a butter and jelly biscuit is NOT sour. She also shivered every time she took a bite. I let her stop eating. Then several sessions later, she got up to eat lunch (of course, we don't miss meals), and I fixed her remaining half of her supper last night for her. It was a croissant with chicken salad, chips, cheese straws, and a pickle. She ate one chip, raked the cheese straws into the trash, and wrapped it up for "later". (Oh yeah, she said, "I don't like them crumbs!" She was referring to my favorite, the cheese straws) Then she toddled off to bed. Sigh...........I hate this life for her.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where were we?

After a much needed beach trip, I am ready to post. Moma's ankles and legs are not swelling any more. She actually looks great. She still claims to feel bad. Dr. Robinson sent out home health to evaluate her, and they determined that she was indeed in congestive heart failure. She is getting extra doses of Lasix, and (ta da!!) HOME HEALTH twice a week!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness!! It is amazing what difference a little help makes. I think the Lasix is wearing her out a little, maybe making her weak, but she really looks much better and seems to act more alert. Thank you for your prayers.
She still asks 25 times a day what day it is, and where Kerry is, and what am I going to do, but she is back to her sassy, smart-alec self. The sitter said she has been a horse's rear end several days this week! THAT is my grandmother, thank you very much.