Sunday, November 30, 2008


Now, nobody hates whining like ME! I spent ten years teaching kindergarten listening to little girls (and a few boys) singing everything they said. It was like an eternal country song. But....I must do a little whining myself. In advance, I ask for forgiveness.
The grunting is so bad that I want to drive a nail in my forehead. She has more of a growl, than a grunt. And it is NEVER ENDING!!!!!!! When we bring it to her attention, and ask her to breathe through her nose, she over does it and over exaggerates it. Then she uses her favorite phrase, "I can't help it". Standing over me grunting, growling, sighing, and coughing makes me totally crazy! Aughhhhh!!!
Next what drives me crazy is the rambling and roaming through my house. She opens every bag, rambles through my purse, moves and rearranges things on the table, the counter, and the bar. She steals little things. She stumbles and staggers like a drunk, but that doesn't stop her endless roaming and rambling. And of course, while she is roaming, she is grunting.
The next complaint is that she asks the same questions over and over and over. "What's today?" "What time is it?" "Where's your momma?" And that is only 3 of the 40 questions I answer over and over every day. It's like that episode of Grey's Anatomy where those 3 women were in a car accident, and one had head trauma. Izzy Said "She resets about every 15 minutes" I said, "BINGO!" That is what Moma does, and she has had NO head trauma.
One of the biggest things I hate is how nasty she is. She will drink after anyone. You must watch your drink because she'll grab it. You can never use any of the towels in the bathroom, because you don't know what she has wiped with it. She rubs random creams and potions on her back side, so I have to hide mine behind lock and key. Okay, I have ranted about this kind of thing before. So....I'll stop.
Another thing I absolutely cannot stand is a new one. She is eating like a lost dog. I mean, every 30 minutes, she is ready for a new meal or snack. She can get up from a meal, go to her room, and return in 10 minutes hunting something to eat. I need some help here. Has she forgotten that she just ate? Is she really hungry? The doctor had her on Megase (spelled wrong probably) which is to aid her appetite. Well we weaned her off of it because she is eating so well. Now that she is not taking this appetite aid, she is eating like mad!! I am wondering if the medicine was holding her back. This is seriously a problem. She begs food from other people, no matter who they are. She wants a "bite" of everything anyone eats. The only way to keep her from wanting what you have is to eat when she eats and to eat exactly what she eats. IT IS DRIVING ME ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone have any thoughts on this??
And yes, in case you wondered, she is still feeding my dogs, and making me nuts!
So....am I mean? Is this ugly? No, it is reality. My whole purpose for writing this blog was to be a support or encouragement to someone who may experience this in their life. I get so tired of all the sappy sweet "grandma living with us" stories. People need to know, it is NOT fun. It is work! It is a full time job, and it never goes away. It is tiring, stressful, and not pleasant. So, why do I do it? I do it because a) she is my grandmother b) she raised me, this is the least I can do for her c) my parents would want me to do this d) she is my responsibility, not a nursing home, not the government and finally e) I don't want someone to be mean to her. I mean, I want to kill her 40% of the time, so I know how obnoxious she would be to folks who don't know her. It is the RIGHT thing for me to do. I am just being brutally honest.
Is it worth it? Yes it is. I have no regrets.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving, and what I am most thankful for today is that my sister and her family were not seriously hurt in the wreck they had last night. They were sitting still at a red light when a lady in a Yukon rear ended them at full speed. It probably completely totaled the truck they were in. Scary.....but thankfully God was with them.
Moma had a good day. She spent the day with us at Kerry's parents' home. She ate and ate and ate. I cannot believe what all she ate. Then when we got home, she laid down for a little bit, then got up and wanted something to eat.....and nearly drove me crazy about was I going to cook supper!!! Heavens!
I made chocolate oatmeal cookies (some people call them another name) and she has worried to death that she would not get her fair share. She's had 5 since we got home!!! I don't know where all she puts that food.
Here's hoping the holiday season is wonderful for you! Tomorrow is the big shopping day! Countdown begins.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2 Days Later

We are on the mend! No more vomit or......the other. She is very weak, "swimmy headed" (lol, I have always loved that term), and tired. She has slept so much, but I am sure she is worn out. She ate supper tonight for the first time since Sunday. She has only had broth and tea up until tonight.
Kerry and I are due to leave for Gatlinburg Thursday! My night time sitter is trying to get sick, my kids are both sick, and Moma is recovering. Please pray that we get to go! I need this break (plus I buy 97% of my Christmas presents in Gatlinburg!). It was last year on our Gatlinburg trip when this little journey began. She was attacked on November 10th or 11th last year (according to whether it was after midnight or not). I do not want this year's trip to have a surprise!
She cannot understand what is wrong with her. It's like she forgot she threw up everywhere and did the "other" for 12 hours. And another funny thing, she has moved her head to the other end of the bed, and rearranged the night table and her potty. I changed her sheets tonight and fixed it back. Let's see if she moves it tomorrow.
Even though I am a "summer" person, I do love this time of year. Thanksgiving and Christmas bring out the very best in people! It is a time to realize that it is not all about us.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary Baby....

23 years ago, I was on my honeymoon! Ah...young and scared, not sure why, but I was scared to death that night. lol Tonight for my anniversary celebration, Moma had a stomach virus! Kerry and I went out to eat, and came home to vomit! It was every where! At first I couldn't decide if she had fallen and hit her head, or what. Then I thought she'd had a coughing spell, and made herself throw up. But regardless, there was chicken noodle soup recycled all over my former sewing room floor. And when that was cleaned up......guess what started?? Yum...This has certainly been a memorable anniversary. I must give props to my sweetheart of 23 years. Without him, I'd have already killed Moma! lol He has been WONDERFUL throughout this little journey.
I had a friend make a lemon pound cake for Ker for our day. Moma was so scared she wasn't going to get her fair share. She told me today to wrap her up a couple of pieces in a napkin to take to her room. lol She is so greedy.
She had a bath today, got her hair washed, nice clean gown and housecoat.....and now she smells like the sewer. Will I work tomorrow? Should I? I hate for the sitter to get sick, and not be able to stay the rest of the week, especially the end because we are going to Gatlinburg, but then again, I need to work. My head hurts from all the candles we have burned to try to kill the "other" odor. Gag......
Sorry for the graphic post, but that is part of it. Times like these, I wonder what I was thinking moving her in with me. I have never really liked old people, and I cannot stand to be around sick people (sorry just being honest here). I asked God to give me what I needed to do this. Tonight I really leaned on Him for help. I only gagged twice. Applause, applause to my big sister. She came and helped me clean up the latter of the nasties. ugh......

Friday, November 14, 2008

In Search of Marie.........

One of our new obsessions is Marie. Marie has been dead for YEARS! In fact, she may have even died before her mother did (Her mother being Aunt Grace). "Has Marie and them been by here today?" was her question this afternoon when I got home. Personally, I hope Marie hasn't been by. I never cared for Marie, but then again, I didn't really know her all that well. Her sons were fun. I think one was close to my age. We played a good bit together over my aunt's house. I was never close to any of Aunt Grace's grandchildren, and I don't know why. Marie's boys were it. Never really knew the others. Maybe they were older than me. Moma is the baby, and Aunt Grace was older than her. But anyway, if you have a Marie sighting, please let us know.

Another thing that is happening is "they" and "us". She is constantly saying, "They want us to do this or they want us to keep the door closed", etc. Kerry asked her tonight, "Who is THEY?" She couldn't answer. She just looks blankly at me. Of course, he got on her so bad tonight about everything, she asked me to tell him to "Shet-up". lol I told him that for once, HE was getting on HER nerves! His answer? It's about time.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Well, again today, Moma has just been unwrapped. She has just gotten here. She didn't know that Aileen was dead. She doesn't know who she is supposed to ride with. She was supposed to talk to someone about money. She needs to get her hair washed and set. But she really needs a "permnunt". She didn't know Aileen was dead. Why don't some of her people call? She wants me to mark her off the list, she ain't got no money. Every meeting she goes to, all they want is money money money. She took a bath the other day. That man gave her one. She didn't know Aileen was dead. FEEL MY PAIN????????????????????
All my sympathy to my friend Sally, whose mother passed away today after battling Alzheimer's disease. She went peacefully in her sleep. Sally, you are in my prayers.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Brand New Once Again

Today, Moma is BRAND NEW once again. She wants to know who brought her here, and why her people don't want her to live with them. She doesn't want to stay here anymore because this is a public place. She wants "them" to sell her house, and come get her and take her to "some of their houses". She started out the day pleasant, but as the day wore on...........Crazy Mazy.....She is sleeping now. Maybe she'll stay asleep through the night. Fingers crossed...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Laughter is so important to me. It always has been, and my grandmother is a big reason that I love to laugh. She and I have been big buddies all my life. She'd tell me stories about when she was young (and mean). I'd laugh and laugh at her. My mother would say, "She's showing out now" when she'd get on a roll with her old stories. I loved them, and cut my teeth on them. I've heard them so many times that I can tell them with her word for word.
Moma had a very stressful day. She was a little nervous and confused because of some outside sources, but when we sat down at the table to eat, she came to life! I don't know if she had so much relief to be at home with us, or if she just had a random sane moment, but she started talking and laughing. She had us hysterical! Then I started asking her questions about the stories she had told me all my life, and to be quite honest....for the first time in a LONG time, it felt like my little grandmother was living again. She remembered them all and told them EXACTLY the way I remembered them. We laughed and laughed! The more we laughed, the more she talked. It was precious! My goal....to get her to tell the stories again on video before the angels come for her.
Tonight was truly a blessing!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Rambling Rose

Today has been a rambling day. I took a day off for ME, and ONLY ME today. I did what I could for the economy.....I shopped for awhile! lol Anyway, when I got home, she was so excited with all my packages. Then the UPS guy came with a box of things the sitter and I ordered from LTD. She thought it was Christmas. She got so excited!! I refused to open the box until she went to her room. Then she came in after I opened it and went through everything. She even rambled through the towels on my bed I dumped out to fold. She has been busy busy since I got home today.
Then tonight while Kerry and I were in the den watching TV (okay, HE was watching TV, I was on the computer), she came to the den door and announced, "I would like some ice cream". It was like she was 4 years old. It amazes me how much she eats, and never gains an ounce. I should be so lucky!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I have had more ignorant conversations in the past week than I care to EVER again. We had an "Abbott and Costello" type conversation yesterday about the heat. It went something like this:
Moma: Is your husband at home?
Me: No, he is playing golf, why?
Moma: I need someone to turn on the heat
Me: The heat is on Moma
Moma: Not in my room
Me: Yes it is (suddenly remembering that she refers to her electric blanket as heat sometimes) Let me check.
Moma: Okay...(follows me down to her room)
Me: See (showing her the control) This light means it is on. See??
Moma: Does that mean the heat will come out of there? (pointing to the vent)
Me: No, that runs on a thermostat. (seeing her confused look) When the house cools off, the heat will come on
Moma: I don't understand it
Me: (pointing to a blanket she has taken off her bed) There is one of your blankets. You need to put that back on your bed.
Moma: Does the heat come out of that?
Me: No
Moma: Well, who can we call?
Me: (covering my eyes) Who can we call about WHAT????
Moma: the heat
AAACKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! Ignorant conversation is not for me.