Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Must've been a virus............

She's baaaaackkkkkk! She either had a virus or has miraculously bounced back from a stroke. She is as irritating as always. Tonight at supper I had visions of smashing her face into her plate repeatedly. Smart mouth! It's like being in the room with a severely autistic individual who is asseverating on something. I couldn't wait to march her tail to bed! Good Night Nurse!

Monday, May 28, 2012

It's different now....

This post is more for documentation than anything. I can't explain the difference. She is quite different.

Friday night, Kerry went out with friends leaving Rebekah and me alone with Moma. We got Firehouse Subs and she pulled her usual fit over wanting mine instead of hers. I gave it to her, but she only ate a few bites. Then she vomited for 30 minutes. She really had nothing to throw up, but she gagged and gagged. She went to bed about 7ish. She got up late Saturday, and basically stayed in the bed most of the day. Rebekah kept her while I entertained my high school friend from Virginia. She whined all day for food. Rebekah fed her but it was like it wasn't enough. Then Sunday, she didn't get up until after 3:00. I checked on her but let her sleep. She got up and ate, then did the vomiting thing again. She was MEAN at supper, even to my in-laws. She called my mother-in-law a damn liar. She thought it was Christmas Day. When we corrected her, she said, "I should've known it wasn't Christmas because I don't have any presents", THEN she said, but I've had one thing......We all looked at her questioning.....She said, "I've had a damn good time!" We fell out laughing. Within a few minutes, she was back in bed (and the vomiting started again). When I went in to clean her up, it was as if she couldn't move her mouth. I'm thinking small stroke. Lord, have mercy.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What a weekend!

Wow! It's been such a weekend, I am not sure where to start. But being the symmetrical fool that I am, I'll start with Friday.


I came home more than a little irritated and upset. It seems that my new principal and the old counselor have set out to completely and totally destroy me. Every day there is a new rumor about where he is having me transferred. It is NO secret that I have applied for another job or two, but not within our system. If I am going to stay with the GCS, then I choose my school. Why? Truthfully, God has given me such a heart for my East Gadsden kids. They are my heart. I love middle school, and have NO desire to return to elementary unless it is back to a classroom (which I'm a little scared of in these crazy times). Call me crazy, but middle school (and especially EASTSIDE middle school) is a perfect fit for me. After school, I was on the phone trying to dispel the rumor that I am being transferred back to Walnut Park (full circle). I came in the house on the phone, which I rarely do, as Moma doesn't recognize my cell as a telephone. After the sitter left, I was in the kitchen talking to my friend and Moma called out, "Just call it all off!" I turned and looked at her. "Huh?" I asked. "Just call everything off!" I nodded okay, having no clue what she meant and finished my conversation. When I got off the phone, I asked her what she was talking about.  She stood, threw up her arms, and declared, "Just call everything off!" I said, "Ohhhhkay". Then she pointed to the date board. And said, "call it off", and kept nodding. So I quickly came to her aid.

 She was fairly quiet, the rest of the night. But when I went to change her bed (because it was wet, of course), I found this (see picture). I called Rebekah in to see it. We both nearly lost it. I teared up. I think she is ready for a baby doll.
That is the sweet little doll I put in her stocking at Christmas. She looks kind of like a Cabbage Patch doll.
So sweet (not Moma, the moment....)


I made my mind up that I was not going to waste a day sitting around waiting for her to go back to bed so I could get stuff done, so I chose to make Saturday my "errand" day. I told Moma at breakfast that I had some places to go and I wanted her to go with me. She asked me to lay out her clothes and she'd get herself dressed. We started out headed to the cleaners, then by Charlotte's store to get a baby gift, then on to the Gadsden Mall. I needed a new bra, some tennis shoe inserts, and I wanted to find her some flat shoes and a little knit jogging suit (something comfy and not dressy). We parked and she tried to refuse to get out of the car. Finally, I got her out, and loaded in her wheel chair and off we went. She wouldn't admit it in a million years but she loves that wheel chair. We shopped around a bit. She tried on some shoes for me, and just as I was about to buy them, she said, "Let's just wait....." I knew she really didn't like them because they were flat. Ugh....We headed to the food court for lunch. (Sidebar: the Gadsden Mall has the MOST pitiful food court known to man. It's Asian, Mexican, Italian, or Chik-Filet...Not a hamburger to be had). Needless to say, we chose Chik-Filet. I got her settled at the table, after we ordered, and went back to get our food. When I returned, she was talking to some man. He was just eating her up. I sat down, and he was less than 20 steps from us and she said, "Who the hell was that?". I nearly choked. She was making lots of precious observations like, "I ain't never seen so many big fat people in one place". I finished eating and kept waiting on her but she was too busy looking around.

She informed me that she was fine, for me to go do what I needed to do. Hesitantly, I walked over to Bath and Body Works and the GNC while she finished. When I returned, she had 3 tiny pieces of chicken on a napkin. I sat and waited again. Finally, I said, "Moma, let's run up to Belk's. I might buy you something." She begged, "Please let me sit here and watch. I won't go no where." I realized that she was people watching and seemed perfectly happy, so off to Belk's I went. When I returned, she requested something sweet. I said, "Well, let's stop and get a cookie on our way out". She let me know real quick that I could walk down there and get her one, she was not ready to go. So I did. Then I went to the book store (I promise I was only in there a minute, unlike usual) and then over to Victoria Secret. When I went back to get her to LEAVE the mall, she resisted. She was so mad at me. "I AIN'T READY TO GO!!!!!!!" she growled. I loaded her back into the car. Time spent at Gadsden Mall: 2 hours. We pulled out of our parking place and she said, "Get me some more drink". I argued that I had asked her before we left if she wanted a refill and she refused it. She began just ripping me to shreds. I mean literally blessing me out. I pulled into the other Chik-Filet and ordered her a small tea. I wanted to put her out at this point. What did she do to repay me for my gesture? She began pouring the new cup of tea into the old cup which still had tea in it, so yes.....poured it all over herself and my seats. (Maybe that is why Kerry bought me a 1998 Grand Prix with 189,000 miles on it). I grabbed the old cup from her, poured the contents out the window and slung it into the back seat. "You suck the very life out of me!!! You take away every bit of joy I receive for doing something nice for you and with you! You are absolutely driving me crazy!" I screamed at her. "Thanky" was all she said. I was livid! Her antics caused me to forget to go to the pharmacy and pick up Mr. Payne's meds. He, more than anyone, doesn't need to skip a blood pressure pill. She was mean and hateful the rest of the afternoon. I am seriously considering taking her to the food court every Saturday and making sure she has food, then running like a cheetah.


When you wake up to this. You know something has gone awry. Kerry met her in the kitchen with a pajama top and slip on. No walker. Her slip was covered in.....well, not urine.....yeah, the other. She had no diaper on. He gave her a diaper and sent her walking. She apparently put it on. I woke up and found this.
Yes, that is Moma wadded up in a ball wrapped up in her blanket. You can't see her sheet but it had skid marks all over it. Precious. And you people think I'm crazy?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Rebekah!

Today is my youngest child's 22nd birthday (I'm old as dirt). Moma sang Happy Birthday to her. She has no clue who she is. Sad.....

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday afternoon...

As I write this, she is sitting on my living room sofa, feet tucked under her, propped back on my sofa pillows, looking out my picture window two knuckles deep in her nose. I do not really like her today (no hate today, just dislike). I decided today to confront her on all the things she does that really annoys me, thinking I might get a little joy from it, but no. This life I live has just about sucked all the joy I could ever have from me. But I know that we should not be storing up treasures here on Earth, and after I get a good tongue lashing from the Father about my attitude, I will receive my reward. But it isn't about me or rewards. There was no other choice to make. This, as much as I hate it, is the only way I could live with myself. I begged for a mission trip, and this, my friend, is it.
So, on to the things that she has done today that really annoys me to the max.
  1. She pulls at my plants/flowers thinking she is "dead heading" them. They don't all need that, and she is virtually pulling the roots from the pots. She kills everything I bring home. And one of the gifts I received from God, and inherited from Grandma Payne is that I can grown anything (except when she is around).
  2. She asks questions about everything I do. "Whose dresses are those on the porch?" She knows they are her housecoats that I have to hang on the deck to "air" because even washing doesn't take out the urine smell. And another favorite, "Where are you a going?" just because I opened the front door.
  3. She feeds my dogs. No discussion. We have beaten this dead horse enough.
  4. Sitting at the kitchen table dying. Today, every time she started it, I got up and hustled her back to her room. Not gonna watch it or listen to it. She is not dying (nor will she ever).
  5. "Gimme a bite of that cookie". Okay, it is not a cookie, it is a pop-tart, and it is my breakfast. Can I please have the whole thing? If I were literally eating horse manure, she would want it.
  6. Choosing not to wear a diaper or to wear 3 gowns plus pajama bottoms with 3 housecoats.  Okay, I realize that she cannot help some of this, but please! I am doing laundry like a ninja 5 days a week, and as soon as I get a stack of gowns that I think will do her several days, she puts them ALL on at one time. Then she wets herself (soaking ALL the gowns) and I check her...no diaper! AUGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sick of bodily functions!!! and their nasty smells!
  7. Rambling, nosing, piddling is one of her favorite pastimes that make me want to harm her. Look, stay out of my things! PERIOD. (and I forgot to mention that she steals stuff too).
  8. Being greedy is another trait we struggle with daily. After a meal, she will say, "Can I have a banana?" or whatever is in sight. She wants to take it to her room because she is a hoarder (always has been....must be where I get it).
  9. The grunting is not easily overlooked in every situation. She will stand over me sometimes looking at the paper or whatever I am looking at, and she grunts every time she breathes. I want to strangle her. Besides, I want you out of my personal space, please.
  10. (I feel like Letterman with my list, but mine is backward from his) I am so sick of NEVER having the freedom to just pick up and go or do what I want! I have to make arrangements for going to Dollar General. Today, the main reason I am so ill is because my upcoming beach trip may  be null and void because of my freedom issue. My sitter's sister died so she is on her way to West Virginia. My sub-sitter can only work 3 1/2 days, leaving Friday and Saturday with no sitter and me out of town. My niece said she could do Saturday, so now Friday is up in the air. AUGH!!!!! My sister is out of town as well (not good planning on my part, but she didn't tell me either). So, I am in limbo until my niece checks to see if she can do Friday. If you know me, you know that I HATE LIMBO!  I do not do limbo well at all. I am a school teacher for gosh sakes, and we follow plans. If I make it out of this situation before Mildred does, AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, I will not be responsible for anyone ever again, except Julie and her dogs! A-men and A-men.

Garbage Police

Moma likes to tend to things that are nothing to her. She wants to be in charge so bad she can  taste it. She didn't worry about the garbage when she lived alone. I took her can to the street and then moved it back around when it was emptied. She never really had any responsibilities! Ahhh, the life of a  princess!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Her song

Just make up the words Mildred....if you don't know the song, make that up too....then add a tag from a familiar song that we all know. Good Grief....


Oh Yeah! It is possible to be sick to death of hearing your own name!