Monday, June 18, 2012

Heaven is a little bit sweeter!

Little did I know when I was writing Moma's birthday post that she was already celebrating her birthday with Jesus. She died in her sleep, but took her next breath in Heaven. I am sure she was greeted by family and friends, but I KNOW that Jesus took her hand as soon as she got there.
I am not sure how I will handle this blog. I will probably do some final postings, but just wanted to give you a heads up dear readers. Your comments have kept me going, and writing this blog was the most therapeutic thing I could have done.
Thank you for reading and for your kind comments.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

99 years of Moma

Happy Birthday to the best friend I have ever had. You were there when I needed you. You were there when I wanted you. You were there for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and all the important times in my life. You taught me how to shoot a basketball and marbles. You jumped rope with me. We played Old Maids, even though Papa hated you "playing cards" with me. You instilled a love for animals, chocolate, having fun and laughing until my sides hurt. We played Doodlebug on your front porch too many times to count. You taught me to pray, read my Bible and hide the Word in my heart. You took me to the Falls, piano lessons, visiting the sick with you, and to your church Christmas play. We made fudge together every Christmas, and then you made it with my kids.(I am so happy you were "still" Moma for my kids) Remember how we used to bounce a tennis ball against your house until Papa would turn red and make us stop? Thank you for ALWAYS being there for me! Happy Birthday Moma!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I thought it was Blue MONDAY!

Isn't Monday supposed to be blue? Not Sunday! But today, my Sunday is blue. Not really sure why except that there are  parts of my life that I cannot control that I really seriously need control over. I feel so betrayed in so many ways. Moma is not one of the reasons but she has added to my stress today. I slept late because I took a Flexeril before bed last night because of the immense pain I am in. I am sure it is only arthritis due to my being so overweight, but it is still pain, BAD pain. It wears me out and I am tired of being worn out so I just succumbed to the drug thing (which I usually would rather ride it out with no drugs because of all the side effects). ANYWAY, Mildred woke me up standing over my bed with a pillow in her hand. "Julie, Julie.....where do you want me to put this?" Ugh.....after telling her "in your room" 5 times she finally got it. Then she proceeded to start making snarky comments about how junky my room is and asking whose stuff this is. I do not handle interviews well when I first wake up, so I screamed "MINE!!! MINE!!!! It's all MINE!" She said, "Well I don't give a damn.....you don't want to talk to me......mumble mumble" and she turned and left my room. Of course, she just went around the bend to the kitchen. I started fixing her breakfast and she continued with the questions. I tried to ignore her. Finally, I went over and turned on the TV to METV where reruns of the Brady Bunch were running (right up my alley). There was a Christmas episode. So, long story short, Moma thinks that it is almost time for Christmas. She wished Kerry a very Merry Christmas (causing Christopher to blow drink out his nose) and she has asked at least 25 times how long it is until Christmas. I know I should be laughing, but it is just an epic example of how stupid my life is. If you pray, pray for me.