Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh How I Love Jesus!

Moma's good days have dwindled to good moments. She hasn't had many lately. She is either extremely crazy or sad and lost. Today she has mostly been sad and lost. I know she asked me 25 times where her mother is (who died in 1959). Last night, Rebekah got so upset because she was so lost and sad. It has been bad today too. This afternoon, she called me into her bedroom, and she was jerking and stomping her feet. She said, "Come get me and make me be still". Never heard that request before, so I sat on the edge of her bed, and said, "What can I do?" She said, "Hold me". So I did. She begin to say, "Jesus loves me, did you know that? He does!" Finally, she laid back on her pillow, and was just praising God for His goodness, and raising her hands toward Heaven. But then....she began to sing (a very crude attempt, but so sweet to hear).
Oh, How I Love Jesus
Oh, How I Love Jesus
Oh, How I Love Jesus
Because He First Loved Me
Then, she began to sing many songs that I have heard her sing over these last 49 years. She even said, "Oh I wish I could sing". I sat by her side, praying and crying; clinging to the precious memories that I have with this little woman and only hoping that I can be half as good as she has been. She drifted off to sleep so peacefully with a sweet smile, and the last thing I heard her say is "Jesus".

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Won't you be my neighbor?

Last night, Moma came into the kitchen, and said, "I just wanted you to know that I am going to be your neighbor", smiling. I said, "Moma, you have lived here since November, nearly 6 months". She shook her head, just smiling. She began asking all kinds of questions about the house, how much of it did we have, and was it connected to her part, and various other crazy stuff. Then I saw her in front of her book case. She was rearranging pictures. I went in there later, and she had packed some of them up. Maybe she was taking them with her when her people come, I don't know.
Oh, she had physical therapy yesterday too. She was beginning to feel a little sore. Yesterday, when Kerry came in from work, she started taking on, and whining about something being wrong with her. I was just ignoring her, because I had given her some Tylenol and she couldn't tell me anything else that was wrong. Anyway, Kerry and I were talking in the bedroom, basically ignoring all her taking on. She got up and came in the room, walked past me, and went to Kerry and said, "Call the doctor". lol Kerry said, "Why?" She said, "Something's wrong with me". But no matter what he asked her, she couldn't tell him. I finally convinced her to go get in the bed....after she spilled a whole glass of tea. Sigh...............

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My people

Last night, I could not get Moma to lie down in her bed. She was sitting straight up. When I went in to her room, she kept acting like she was watching TV and did not want to be disturbed. So, I went into the study and got on the computer. I heard this banging and knocking, so I got up to investigate. She was taking pictures off the wall. She said, "These are mine". I said, "I know, but I hung them up in YOUR room for you to have". She shook her head no and said, "I'm taking them with me". I said, "Well, where are you going?" She said, "to where I live, I'm going home". NO amount of debate could convince her that she lives here. Finally she said, "I've called some of my people and they are coming to get me". I was getting a little impatient with her by this time, because it was bedtime! I leaned in real close, and said, "Moma, I am tired. I want to go to bed, and I cannot because you are not in bed. Please lie down." She smiled and said, "Hon, I appreciate your kindness, but my people are coming." AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I left her sitting straight up.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Break

Several funnies have happened over spring break. Here they are:

Moma has had a UTI which makes her very confused and crazy! The other morning as she finished her breakfast, she began motioning her hand as if to tell me to come to her. I moved toward her, and she said, "I'm ready to go". I said, "Go where?" She said, "You know..." I said, "no, I don't, where are we going?" She said, "to hang up those clothes." I said, "HUH?" She said, "you know, Evelyn's clothes" I said, "Moma, Evelyn has been dead for several years". She looked at me like I was crazy and said, "I KNOW". Duh..

I have changed her sheets SEVERAL times this week, as she has made a habit of taking off her diaper and not putting another on. Then, well, you know.....so anyway, I was getting ready for bed, and thought I had better go check her for a diaper. She had "boo boo" on her housecoat. I said, "Why do you have mess on your housecoat?" Of course, she said, "Whaaaat?" so I practically screamed...."WHY IS THERE DOO DOO ON YOUR HOUSECOAT?" She said, "Oh that ain't doo doo". I said, "No? what is it?" She said in an almost whisper, "It's black sut" I said,
"I don't think you built a fire in the fireplace today, it is DOO DOO". She said, "Well I didn't do it". I said, sarcastically, "Well then, who in the heck did?" She smirked at me and said, "them dogs". I just laughed and said, "No my dogs did NOT do it". A few minutes later, Rebekah came into the room and said she heard Moma say to Shula, the pekingese, "STOP DOO DOOING ON ME!!!!!" precious, huh?

Kerry was watching the Braves, and like most little old ladies, Moma said, "Oh good, a ballgame" (Why do old women love the Braves?) Anyway, she was snoozing good, and Kerry said, "HEY! Are you watching this ballgame?" She nodded her head yes. He said, "Well who is winning?" She said, "Kojak". Just reached right up into the clouds for that one.

Rebekah was having to guard the door to keep Moma from letting the dogs in while she was eating (because she won't eat and will feed them her food). After a power struggle, she looked at Rebekah and said, "Grace hadn't ever told me I couldn't let my dogs in her house!" And I thought I was Helen....now I am Grace (another dead relative).

I am sure there is more, but I am tired. So I must get some sleep. Tomorrow is Sunday, and I am going to church with my husband! My precious friend, Kym Dyer, is coming at 9:00 to Moma sit, so we can go to church together! I love you for that Kymberly! You are precious!

More to come................same bat time, same bat channel.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Feeling a bit better? Hopefully...

Well, last night was the first night in many that she was up rambling at 1:30 am. She was rattling the bathroom closet door because, of course, we have it locked. We had to. She rambled in it so much, I couldn't find anything. When I got up to get her back into bed, she had on her sleep bonnet. It was sitting cockeyed on her head, and she was barefooted. I said, "What are you doing?" She smiled that Miley smile and said, "Oh, just piddlin'." lol I said, "Well, piddle back into your room, everyone is asleep." She did, but rambled awhile in her room.
Then today, I got to go to church with Kerry (Christopher and Rebekah were on Moma duty). We got home and I fixed her lunch, but she acted really groggy. So I put her back to bed and went to Wal-Mart for the weekly robbing and surrendering of my paycheck. Anyway....when I returned, there she sat on her bed. Bra, slip, girdle, and stockings laid out beside her; shoes in front of her on the floor, and purse on chair in front of her, and her suit laid out on the chair across the room....she was getting ready to go to the beauty shop! She said that Dorothey was on her way to get her. Bless her heart. She really has a time with the days. I put her things up, and explained to her that today is Sunday, and she goes to the beauty shop on Wednesday, and that SHERRY takes her, not Dorothey. I could tell it really got away with her. But funny thing...she said, "Would you call Dorothey or Ruby Jean and let them know that I don't go to the beauty shop today?". Yes, Moma, I'll be glad to.
Note: She still isn't eating. Tonight, she packaged up her cut up pieces of steak into her baked potato and squeezed it together so I'd think she ate. Sneaky devil.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I knew the flu would be bad for her. She isn't eating. She is very weak and unstable. She needs help to walk from the kitchen back to her room. She is having a hard time swallowing her meds. She is sleeping way too much.
If you are a praying person, please lift her up in your prayers. God's will, God's time, but pray for her peace.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fallen and Can't Get Up

This has been the week from "you know where". State standardized testing really has gotten out of hand. Anyway, I am glad it is over. I am not back 100% at myself since having the flu, and it really wore me out every day.
Thursday afternoon at about 2ish, my sister called me at school to say that Moma had fallen in the kitchen floor and hit her head. She was vomiting and having "the other" too. So, she had instructed my niece to call 911, and she was leaving work. She told me to stay put until she found out more. She called back in about 20 minutes to say that the ambulance was in route to the ER and for me to meet them there. Since I am only a couple of blocks from the hospital, I beat them all there. When they brought her in, she had "vomit and ..." all over her clothes. She was a little outdone and kept saying that nothing hurt and this was all unnecessary. The ambulance driver left a copy of the medic report on her bed. I read it.....I swear....it said...."Fallen and can't get up". I thought.....how original.
Doctor came in and long story short. No need or CT scan, head is okay, but she did have the flu and another UTI (which accounts for her falling). Great.....
So, ask me this time next week......because she is grouchy, defensive, and mean! Thank God she is sleeping a good bit. She has a terrible cough, and I know how bad she feels. I've been there.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dogs and Cats

Short post tonight. Recovering from the flu, which has kicked my butt!
This is precious.
We have a kitten, 3 cats, and 2 dogs. The kitten was chasing the pekingese around the den.
Moma: Which one does that baby belong to, the white 'un or the black 'un?
Christopher: Well Moma, neither one. Those are dogs and that is a cat.
Enough said.